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Big Bang rules

Here is a complete rulessheet: LinkDiese Seite gibt es auch auf Deutsch!
Big Bang
SpinnerAfter the spinner at the entrance of the hyperspace has turned 100 times, the big bang opens. The ball must be shoot into the hyperspace to activate it. Afterwards there is a red and a blue ball. As long as two or more balls are in the game, each second 1,000 points are added. The Big Bang for its own adds 1,000,000 points.
The table makes missions available, which must be completed to earn points. In order to start the mission choice, the firing ramp (kicker in the center) must be hit. The white point and the degree number indicate the firing direction, which is adjusted with the flipper keys in 3°-steps, and with the tilt keys in 45°-steps. With Enter, the firing strength is selected, and shot by releasing the key.kicker in the center
White arrows indicate, what to hit to complete a mission, and how often are indicated by Soll/Haben. Depending upon the level, 500,000, 1,000,000, 1,500,000, or 2,000,000 points are awarded. After three missions the next level begins.Weißer Pfeil
Magna Save
Magna SaveIf all three orange arrows are switched on by the targets at the lowest Bumper, "1x Magna Save" appears or "2x Magna Save". After the third time, Magna save is activated. The ball is magnetically attracted and a second ball is available. As long as two or more balls are in play, each second 1,000 points are added.
The three white pairs of lamps above the upper bumper, which are adjustable by the flipper, let a further light on the bumpers turn on. Depending upon the number of lights, the Bumpers add 1,000 to 5,000 points, if all lights burn 10,000 points. After 60 seconds the last light disappears.Mainbumper
The two red arrows on the parallel world let a further red arrow light up. Depending upon the number of arrows, the Bumpers add 1,000 to 5,000 points, if all lights burn 10,000 points. After 60 seconds the last arrow disappears.Paralellworldbumper
Yellow Targets
Yellow TargetsIf all yellow targets of a side are hit, further a light at the respective targets shines. Each back shot (green arrows flash) from the outlanes "costs" one of these lights. If all lights are used up, the ball is lost (red arrows flash), when it comes into the outlanes.
Green Targets
If all green targets are hit, further a light before the targets shines. The last light expires after 60 seconds. If all three of the green lights are on, the "Second Chance"-lamp begins to shine and ensures that the game continues without interruption, when the ball is lost.Green Targets
Target at the spinnerThe target at the hyperspace switches a yellow arrow on or off. If it is switched on, the wormhole is open, that means balls which are shot into the entrance over the right inlane come out at the Bumpers, and the reverse. When the wormhole is closed, they will exit where they entered.
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